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To mitigate and overcome the barriers to longer survival and better quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer.

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Molecular Profiling and Precision Oncology Lecture Series – Lung Cancer

Molecular Profiling and Precision Oncology Lecture Series – Introduction

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Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

We wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! At Cancer CRI Centre, the year of 2022 has been a stimulating year for us with 'challenges-as- opportunities' attitude that we take in as a small start-up company. We are very grateful for every...

Opportunity for Contract Medical Officers!

Opportunity for Contract Medical Officers!

Great opportunity for contract medical officers! We are looking for a couple of medical officers with the criteria mentioned above. We look forward to work with you to make further impacts together in the field of cancer! Contact us and let's have a further...

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Cancer is the third leading cause of disease-related mortality in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and the pandemic has only further exposed the need for a bold approach to tackling these problems. To improve the cancer survival curve and the interventional impact at a population level, we need an integrated Care, Research, and Innovation (CRI) ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your vision?
Our vision is to improve survival outcomes and quality of life of patients with cancer in Malaysia, and Southeast Asia (SEA) region.
What is your plan to achieve that vision?
We will achieve that by initiating projects in the domain of cancer care, research, innovation, and academy. We take the approach of digitalisation, integration, data analytics, and a value-based healthcare model to achieve the vision.
Do you treat patients with cancer?
Yes, we now take referrals for cancer genetic testing, and cancer specialist consultation for patients who wish to explore 2nd or 3rd opinion, guidance on chemotherapy side effects management, and treatment sequencing. 

We also provide patient navigation service  to improve the time to access, and time to treatment for patients with cancer.

What is your current main project?
Our current CARE project is Cancer Molecular Profiling and Precision Oncology (MPPO) program. The details can be found under Care and Innovation link. 
Do you conduct any cancer clinical research?
Yes, we will be conducting cancer clinical research in the future.
Do you form global partnerships to solve challenges in cancer sphere in Malaysia and SEA?
Yes. We have forged some and will continue to form local and global networks to solve the problems faced by patients diagnosed with cancer.
Can people either professionals, patients or survivors join you to make an impact?
Yes, we are very keen and wish to invite (locally and globally) professionals in cancer and other fields, patients or survivors, research institutions, CROs and encourage anyone that wants to contribute towards our vision to join us.
Do you have a plan to use data science and analytics in your cancer care and research?
Yes, we will be incorporating that in our Digital, Integrated System for Cancer Care (DISC) and will expand the use further in other projects.
Do you train new oncologists?
No, we don’t but we will forge partnerships with international institutions to open access for oncology trainees locally and regionally to international, reputable oncology fellowships.
Are you looking for investors or venture capitals?
Yes, we are looking for investors with  interests in our vision and projects. We also welcome discussions with potential venture capitals either for investment, or technology and digital skills contributions.
Do you conduct any people-to-people social business support?
Yes, we will be launching this from time to time to open the door for society to fund and support patients with cancer, especially when it comes to unfunded therapy and testing.

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