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Cancer is the third-leading cause of disease-related mortality in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, following behind cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases. Many cancers in this region and other low to middle-income countries (LMICs) are diagnosed at an advanced stage due to lower health literacy, late presentation, limited population screening and surveillance program, absence of robust patient navigation system, the difficulty of access to comprehensive cancer care, prohibitively expensive innovative cancer treatments, and limited access to new clinical trials.

There have been many initiatives locally to bridge these gaps. In order to improve cancer survival and the interventional impacts at a population level, we need integrated cancer care, research, and innovation ecosystem. More than ever, the pandemic has called for a bold approach to tackling these problems and has motivated the establishment of this social business.


Our vision is to inspire and solve the barriers to longer survival and better quality of life of people diagnosed with cancer.

Philosophy & Guiding Principles

We stand on the philosophy of active networking and contributions from various stakeholders nationally and internationally including oncologists, scientists/researchers, pathologists, molecular pathologists, statisticians, physicians, consumer advocates, data scientists, research methodologists, professionals from various other areas, and trainees.

We also stand on the philosophy of active engagements and collaborations with various government and non-government agencies, academic and research institutions, clinical research organizations (CROs), cancer centres, pharmaceutical, and radiation technology companies.

Our guiding principles are humanity, legacy, evidence-based, innovation, and pragmatism.


To achieve the vision of our company, we have identified four domains, under which, specific missions will be outlined. The four domains are…








Cancer Genetic Testing

Cancer Genetic Testing

Cancer CRI Centre Clinic

Cancer CRI Centre Clinic

Sophie Mepham GCP Training

Sophie Mepham GCP Training

Tumour Board Educational Program

Tumour Board Educational Program

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