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Cancer CRI Centre is very excited to join the ASCO Annual Meeting this year via the virtual platform.

The theme for this year “Advancing Equitable Cancer Care Through Innovation” could not have been more relevant. It has been what Cancer CRI Centre as a small start-up social business worked for over this one year, and will be our continued resolve over the years to come.

Innovation will be the key to creating a cancer care ecosystem in the low and middle-income countries that will be accessible, affordable, equitable, and data-driven.

To us, various research and initiatives that touch on the following list would be important to hopefully improve the survival outcomes and quality of life of patients with cancer under the value-based health model:

  • effective screening in diverse demographics
  • early detection and translation into accessible treatments
  • effective and point-of-care surveillance
  • affordable cancer molecular profiling to help with the design of a roadmap for cancer treatment sequencing and model of care
  • patient-centred dosing initiative that uses real-world data to refine the dosing of targeted therapy/immunotherapy to be equally efficacious but more affordable
  • the use of data science and AI to enhance selection of treatments which will help to reduce financial toxicity
  • digitalisation to ensure access to cancer care and implementation of better supportive care in oncology through digital patient-reported outcomes tools
  • collaborations under the global oncology frameworks for funding and cross-exchange of expertise

Cancer CRI Centre looks forward to network with other companies, potential investors, research groups, and various cancer stakeholders in Southeast Asia, Asia and Pacific, as well as globally throughout this ASCO meeting to explore potential collaborations and future projects.

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See you at ASCO!

“Advancing Equitable Cancer Care Through Innovation”