11th June 2021 – Cancer CRI Centre attended the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) / NCI-Centre of Global Health meeting. The meeting, together with other interested stakeholders from low and middle-income countries(LMIC) discussed about the future collaborative initiatives to support the academic global oncology discipline.

Academic global oncology is an academic discipline that addresses the disparities and differences in cancer prevention, care, research, education, and the disease’s social and human impact around the world. It includes a full spectrum of activities ranging from epidemiology to implementation science to public health policy.(1)

We hope our engagement via this platform could help to improve the cancer outcomes in LMIC through educational and professional development programs, fellowships and trainings, equitable partnerships between high-income and low-income countries, collaborative research projects, improved access to cancer research funding for LMIC, dissemination of global oncology research outcomes, and practical applications to our communities locally (Malaysia).

Recommendations from the ASCO Academic Global Oncology Task Force | JCO Global Oncology (ascopubs.org)