The pandemic affects us all and there is no way that medical care can be provided without addressing the COVID-19 consequences at the same time. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we intend to create a bilateral framework that allows for knowledge and expertise transfer between the domain of cancer and COVID-19. Indeed, there are many similarities that are shared between cancer pathology and COVID-19 including the immune system response, multi-organ involvement, mRNA vaccine technology, need for new clinical trials, medicines re-purposing, advanced care planning and palliative care, opportunistic infections and many more.

Among the initiatives we plan to launch for COVID-19:

· Evidence Review and Synthesis Initiative.

· Collaboration to run the systematic review/ rapid review related to COVID-19.

· Community engagement for vaccine education through the online media.

· Covid-19 Community Care Model.

· Community Networking System /Patient Navigation System to assist with rapid access to clinical care in

specified areas.

· Possibility of community covid-19 clinical trials using repurposed medicines.


Our COVID-19 Research Projects:

COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness to Reduce COVID-19 Disease at Population Level. A Rapid Review;