We wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

At Cancer CRI Centre, the year of 2022 has been a stimulating year for us with ‘challenges-as- opportunities’ attitude that we take in as a small start-up company.

We are very grateful for every small, little goal and contribution achieved in the domain of cancer care, research, innovation, and academy. We take heed of mistakes that occurred, and believe that they were important lessons that would help us to grow. We are forever grateful to our patients, colleagues, our friends, and other stakeholders. It is through them that we learn and continue to grow.

The year 2023 might bring in more challenges in the realm of global economic recession and depression. We look forward to capitalise more on the use of technology, digital approach, collaborative framework with other players, and sustainable business model to ensure that we can deliver the needs of patients with cancer in Malaysia.

It is also our hope for a more inclusive market to allow better chances for the SMEs, and job creation that will be important in these challenging times.

Thank you 2022 and welcome 2023!

-Because We Care-