Medical Oncology is a subspecialty under internal medicine specialty worldwide and in Malaysia. It is a subspecialty that provides expertise in the care of patients with cancer undergoing treatment using systemic agents including chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. It is also a subspecialty that involves highly in clinical, translational, and reverse translational research to push for advancement in systemic cancer treatments through cancer clinical trials.

The complexities of cancer care, rapid scientific discoveries, drug developments, and cancer clinical trials call for further development and expansion of this fraternity in Malaysia to catch up with colleagues in other countries.

Historically, the fraternity developed in the US, Canada, Europe, and various parts of the world. This dated back right from the 1950s (not specified at that time, but the work studying the use of nitrogen mustard gas as a chemotherapeutic agent began then) and was formalized as a subspecialty in the 1960s and 1970s.

We realized that our neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines have all got this fraternity to support its members’ activities and systemic therapy progress.

Cancer CRI Centre felt called to broker the development and expansion of the Medical Oncology fraternity in Malaysia. There are at least 11 Medical Oncologists registered locally and this number will likely increase as our medical officers in Malaysia embark on the training program regionally or internationally.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we wish to launch our Medical Oncology Technical and Advisory Group, Malaysia.


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Advisory Members:

Dr Ahmad Sufian Ab Rahman,

MBChB, FRACP, Clin Trials Fellowship(Sydney)
Consultant Medical Oncologist and Internal Medicine,
Cancer CRI Centre, Malaysia.

MMC: 91880 NSR: 139135

Dr Kananathan A/L S. Ratnavelu

MBBS(UM), FRCP(Ireland), AM(Malaysia)
Consultant Medical Oncologist,
Columbia Asia Hospital, Bukit Rimau, Malaysia.

MMC: 27764 NSR: 125418