Oncology field has become increasingly more complex with fast generation of new evidence. To ensure the practice of branches of oncology field including medical, radiation, surgical, and nuclear medicine locally is at par with the regional and global standard of care / guidelines, there needs to be concerted efforts from the fraternity to engage in discussion of cases and application of evidence.

The issues of accessibility, affordability, expertise availability, and many more affect the cancer health equity in the low and middle-income countries. This platform tries to bring together clinicians and researchers in the region to try to solve some of the issues through networking, sharing of information and available programs, as well as research collaborations.

Objectives of the program:

  1. To establish a platform for peer-reviewed oncology practice that would help to maintain oncology standard and quality of care based on the requirements of local and global oncology guidelines.
  2. To generate the opportunity for increased access to available patient assistance program / compassionate access program and cancer clinical trials through information sharing and networking of professionals between different sites.
  3. To generate new ideas that can be taken on further to formulate new cancer research and clinical trials underpinned by health equity model.


The tumour board meeting will be run once a month on a hybrid model of physical and virtual platform. One oncologist will be presenting each month. The attendees will comprise of medical, clinical, radiation oncologists, clinical pharmacologists, surgeons, physicians, radiologists, geneticists, pathologists, and medical officers.

The structure of presentation is as follows:

  • 20 minutes case presentation
  • Clinical learning points
  • Clinical conundrums and questions for discussion
  • New ideas for potential research and collaboration

The educational program will be based on science and evidence-based medicine.

Joining the program as presenters and participants

We welcome participation of clinicians and students from all institutions in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. You can contact us to volunteer to take any available slot for presentation. We will be sharing with you the link to our virtual meeting via email.

There will also be opportunity to join Cancer CRI Centre as volunteers through our voluntary network program to help with cancer care, research, innovation, and academy projects.

Our contact details:

  • Address: Level 33, Ilham Tower, No 8, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Phone: 03-21175280
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  • WhatsApp: +6016-4184045