We wish to take this opportunity to greet everyone with a happy new year!

May the year of 2022 bring us and people we cared for countless of blessings, serenity, strengths, and resilience in facing the forward challenges.

The trends have been showing us how the pandemic, climate change, and socioeconomic disparities led to tremendous threats on health, well-being and existence of our people and planet.

It is therefore a year of opportunity to embody and put in practice the true meaning of great human values- empathy, kindness, generosity, humanity, creativity, and many more; all of which are instrumental to create cohesive global population in facing the threats to health and survival of our people and other beings on this planet.

For the special segment of the population we cared for – our patients with cancer and other vulnerable groups ; the last two years have been extra-ordinarily more difficult and the trend has not turned into a different direction.

What it means, as part of health stakeholders, it is our duty to keep pushing for wider access to cancer care, closer follow-ups, innovation in our treatment approach, and ensuring that our care really meets the goals of delivering the quality of life for our patients.

To do this, especially in global oncology care in LMICs, cancer care digitalisation, integration, value-based cancer care approach, borderless network with localised solutions, and health equity focus are the recipes.

At Cancer CRI Centre(CCRIC), we will continue to work hard to push and stimulate the cancer care ecosystem for these. We hope to expand our social business, our networks and continue to partner with companies and institutions that share the same vision.

For the people, for the planet.

-Because We Care-